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  • Private Groups and the International Dealings Schedule

    We will be reviewing and contacting Private Groups that have not lodged the International Dealings Schedule (IDS) when they have indicated to us on their income tax return that they must lodge the IDS.

    You are required to lodge the IDS if you are a company, partnership, trust or attribution managed investment trust and you include an amount or indicate yes on certain questions on your tax return.

    The main purpose of this campaign is to obtain the completed IDS, or to find out why it does not need to be lodged. If it does not need to be, you will be required to provide an explanation.

    We also aim to help you understand your requirements to lodge the IDS and assist you in meeting your obligations.

    If you have an outstanding lodgment, submit these soon as possible.

    Last modified: 27 Nov 2019QC 60755