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  • What attracts our attention

    As part of our commitment to provide transparency and build trust and confidence in the tax and super systems, we’ve updated our website with information about the behaviours, characteristics and tax issues of privately owned and wealthy groups that may attract our attention.

    This includes information about:

    • taxpayers who avoid or delay paying taxes by not lodging their tax returns when required, or fail to report all of their income. We have improved data matching processes to detect undeclared or disguised income (including foreign income)
    • taxpayers who provide incomplete information or fail to disclose their interest in foreign entities or incorrectly report foreign income
    • incorrectly claimed tax exemptions, treaty relief, transfer pricing benefits or economic stimulus measures
    • arrangements that mischaracterise transactions or incorrectly calculate turnover or income to obtain a tax benefit.

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    If you're concerned about your tax or super position, you can:

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