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  • Burning a hole in the illegal tobacco trade

    Illegal tobacco includes the unlicensed production of tobacco plant or leaf and the unlicensed manufacture of tobacco products. It is estimated to have cost the Australian community nearly $600 million in lost excise revenue, in the 2015–16 financial year.

    This means that nearly $600 million went directly in to the hands of criminals instead of funding essential community services including hospitals, schools and roads. We aim to significantly and consistently reduce this tax gap.

    Retailers choosing to become involved in the sale of illegal tobacco not only contribute to loss of funding for essential community services, but they also gain an unfair advantage over honest businesses who are doing the right thing.

    Retailers who are selling illegal tobacco products have a massive price advantage, when compared with other traditional tobacconists, or convenience stores as they are not paying the correct amount of tax. Removing illegal tobacco from our streets creates a level playing field for all retailers.

    If you suspect that tobacco is being grown or manufactured in your community you can:

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