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  • Catching those who deliberately cheat the tax system

    While most individuals and businesses comply with their tax obligations, there are a small number who deliberately do the wrong thing.

    We are committed to maintaining the integrity of the tax system by catching those who deliberately evade their tax obligations, no matter how long it takes.

    On 17 August 2020, Philip Northam, a key promoter of an intricate asset stripping arrangement, was sentenced to six years jail.

    The illegal scheme offered companies with a tax liability a way to transfer all assets of the company to directors and shareholders leaving the company unable to pay its tax. Once the assets of the company were stripped, the company was dissolved and new directors and shareholders were put in as straw entities that had no means or intention to pay the tax liabilities.

    This sentencing has closed a 19-year-long joint investigation by the Australian Taxation Office and the Australian Federal Police. It demonstrates our ability to work with our partner agencies to deter, detect and deal with tax crime, keeping the system fair for everyone.

    To confidentially report suspected tax evasion or crime activities, see Making a tip-off.

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