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  • Tax Avoidance Taskforce extended and expanded

    The October budgetExternal Link included an announcement that the government will further extend the Tax Avoidance Taskforce ('the Taskforce'). The Taskforce has been extended to 30 June 2026 and will receive an additional $200 million in funding each year.

    The Taskforce ensures multinational enterprises, large public and private businesses (and associated individuals) pay the right amount of tax in Australia. Formed in 2016, it enhances and extends our existing activities to eradicate illegal and fraudulent tax arrangements.

    ATO Deputy Commissioner Hector Thompson believes the announcement will be of significant interest to business. He explained how the additional support will be applied.

    ‘We are advancing our plans on how the additional funding will be used to bolster our programs and allow us to focus on new areas or priority where risks are observed’, he said.

    'The extension will ensure we can work with large business to continue to give the community confidence that large corporates are doing the right thing, while the expansion will enable us to broaden our risk focus to ensure the larger business and wealthy group populations are also not engaging in tax avoidance.'

    'We also know taxpayers want certainty from the ATO so we will be looking to expand our advice and guidance program’, he explained.

    The Taskforce will continue to focus on advisers and intermediaries engaged in influencing or promoting tax avoidance schemes and strategies, according to ATO Assistant Commissioner for the Tax Avoidance Taskforce Darryl McCarthy.

    Mr McCarthy emphasised that the majority of large businesses in Australia do the right thing.

    ‘Pleasingly, both the large corporate tax gap and corporate tax transparency information gives us confidence that our work with large business assures us the majority are paying the right amount of tax.'

    The ATO’s focus on large public groups, multinationals and privately owned and wealthy groups has raised tax liabilities of $29 billion since 2016. Taskforce activity has helped generate $17.2 billion of this amount.

    It has also resulted in cash collections of $16.5 billion, while Taskforce activity has helped to generate $9.7 billion of those collections.

    Find out more on our website about the Tax Avoidance Taskforce's role and results in ensuring multinationals and large businesses pay the right tax.

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