• Subsidiaries - financial and other information at item 8

    If a part-year subsidiary member:

    • at labels Z and A - show respectively the cost of intangible depreciating assets and other depreciating assets first deducted during the non-membership period. However, do not include the cost of depreciating assets for which the company is deducting their decline in value for the first time simply as a consequence of leaving a consolidated group.

    If the part-year subsidiary member was a member of a consolidated group at the end of the income year:

    • at labels B, C to H, and R - show relevant amounts as at the end of the non-membership period
    • at label J - show the average total debt of the company by adding the opening and closing balances of total debt for the non-membership period and dividing this sum by 2
    • at label M - if there was a surplus franking account balance at the end of the non-membership period show that balance; if there was a deficit balance at the end of any non-membership period the company must lodge an FAR and pay the FDT.
      Last modified: 20 Oct 2010QC 17844