• Members joining or leaving an existing group

    The head company or its former public officer (if the head company no longer exists) must notify the ATO within 28 days of an entity joining or leaving the consolidated group. Where this happens more than 28 days before the group's formation is notified, notice must be given as part of the formation notification (on parts 3 and 4 of the formation notification form respectively).

    To notify the ATO of a member joining or leaving an existing group, download and complete the Notification of members joining and/or leaving the group form. Alternatively, the head company's tax agent can use ELS.

    Do not use this form for MEC groups.

    Authorisation and eligibility requirements for notifying of an entity joining or leaving a group are the same as those applying to forming a group.

    In the same way that all eligible entities must be included in the formation notification, when an entity becomes eligible to be a subsidiary member of an existing consolidated group it automatically joins the group and must be included in the notification. Similarly, where an entity is no longer eligible (for example, on disposal of some or all of its membership interests) it automatically leaves the group.

      Last modified: 17 Sep 2007QC 27145