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  • How to become an e-invoicing service provider

    We are working closely with the software and business community to implement e-invoicing in Australia.

    Both Australia and New Zealand are using the Peppol framework as the basis for e-invoicing. This is an internationally proven and collaborative approach to e-invoicing for the two countries.

    The ATO is the registered Peppol Authority in Australia.

    Become an access point or service metadata publisher

    Digital service providers can start offering Peppol e-invoicing services and solutions, such as becoming access points or service metadata publishers. If you're interested, refer to the ATO Software developers websiteExternal Link for more information.

    Provide e-invoicing accounting and/or procurement software only

    Digital service providers who only want to provide e-invoicing accounting and procurement software, and do not intend to become an access point or service metadata provider, can look up the e-invoicing accredited service providers list and contact them about their e-invoicing offering.

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