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  • Getting ready for e-invoicing

    Find out how you can get ready for e-invoicing:


    To find out your next steps towards e-invoicing, start by contacting your software provider to see if you are digitally ready and if they plan to offer e-invoicing.

    Ask your software provider about how they will offer e-invoicing and what you need to do. For example, you may need to update your existing software, or add an additional service.

    Also remember to:

    • find out what support they will offer you in making the transition
    • subscribe to their communications – for example, email, newsletter and web updates.

    Tax professionals

    As a tax professional, start talking to your clients about e-invoicing and how it will benefit them.

    Keep an eye on any upcoming engagements for tax professionals to gain more information and understanding of e-invoicing.

    Digital service providers

    On 31 October 2019, ATO became registered as the Australian Peppol Authority and we are working closely with the software and business community to adopt Peppol standards in Australia.

    Australia and New Zealand have developed a collaborative approach to e-invoicing. Both countries are using the Peppol framework as the basis for e-invoicing as an internationally proven approach.

    Digital service providers interested in offering Peppol e-invoicing services and solutions should refer to the ATO Software developers websiteExternal Link for more information.

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