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  • Working in partnership

    The ATO worked in partnership with the New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (NZ MBIE), industry stakeholders and government, to establish a framework for e-invoicing.

    Australian and New Zealand governments held public consultation in late 2018 on how e-invoicing frameworks could be best implemented and managed in both countries. The prime ministers of Australia and New Zealand agreed to adopt a common approach to e-invoicing to help progress the Single Economic Market agenda. This was formalised by the signing of the international arrangementExternal Link.

    Public feedback led to the decision to adopt the Peppol framework. Peppol is an international standard, proven approach used in over 34 countries to foster international trade.

    The latest consultation held in 2019 on the implementation of the Peppol framework has enabled us to become more digitally ready and establish the most efficient e-invoicing solution for Australia and New Zealand.

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