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  • Stock control and record keeping

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    Stock control

    You're responsible for the excisable goods in your possession, custody or control. If you fail to keep those goods safe or can't account for them to our satisfaction, you may be required to pay an amount equal to the excise duty that would have been payable on the goods.

    We recommend you conduct regular stocktakes to:

    • check the accuracy of your stock records
    • identify omissions or errors in stock records
    • identify security issues (such as theft)
    • identify problems with plant and equipment.

    If you wish to destroy any excisable products you need our permission before destroying the goods. You can request this by completing an Excise remission application.

    However, if you manufacture beer and want to destroy less than (or equal to) 125 litres of pure alcohol in a quarterly period, you may not have to ask us for permission first (see Remissions).

    Access to premises

    You must give ATO officers complete access at all times to every part of any factory, approved place or other premises specified in a licence. Our officers may examine and take account of excisable goods in these premises and in vehicles.

    Record keeping

    You must keep detailed records of your excise business operations for five years and make them available to us on request.

    Your records should include the following details of excisable goods:

    • goods used in manufacture
    • process of manufacture
    • quantity manufactured
    • quantity on hand/stored
    • storage details
    • sales or disposals
    • loss or wastage during or after manufacture
    • movements, such as deliveries, receipts (including feedstocks) and dispatch including dates.

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