• Records you need to keep

    You must keep records like those listed below for at least five years and make them available to us if we request them. Your records should include:

    • brew sheet or batch card sequencing (including the recipe, volume and strength details for each brew made)
    • all stock received (raw material, including pre-packaged recipes, yeast, hops, malt)
    • details of test brews (including remission approval or excise return if test brew is not destroyed)
    • details of sample brews
    • copies of excise returns
    • calibration test results.

    You can choose the specific format of your records but they must show that you can account for all of your excisable beer.

    The following examples are a guide.

    Example 1: Test/sample brew sheet

    Example of a test/sample brew sheet.

    Example 2: Customer brewing/bottling sheet

    Example of a customer brewing/bottling sheet.

    End of example
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