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  • Brew on premises shops

    Brew on premises shops (BOPS) are commercial facilities that produce beer for non-commercial purposes. The public can use these facilities and equipment to make their own beer for personal use, but not for sale. Bottling is carried out by individual customers.

    Beer brewed in BOPS is subject to excise duty. You (the operator or proprietor of the BOPS) must hold an excise manufacturer licence and pay the excise duty, even though BOPS customers are brewing the beer. This includes test and sample brews.

    You need to complete an Application for a licence to brew on premises form and provide detailed information, including:

    • consent forms for background checks on the applicant and other people associated with the management of the business
    • information about your premises, including building structure, security measures and whether you own or lease the premises
    • manufacture details for the proposed beer products
    • equipment used
    • samples of your record keeping system.

    We then assess your application, together with all the additional information, plans and photographs you provide.

    We will usually notify you of our decision within 28 calendar days of receiving the necessary information.

    You should also check with relevant local, state and Australian government bodies if any other obligations apply to your business.

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