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  • Products that can be brewed

    Your customer can brew any product that meets the definition of beer for excise purposes.

    Beer must have minimum levels of bitterness and maximum sugar limits. You should be able to establish if the product meets the definition of beer from your manufacturing specifications and processes and from standard industry information.

    Products that clearly meet the definition will not need to be tested. If you are unsure whether a product meets the definition, you should have one brew tested. As long as you continue to brew using that formula, you will not need to undertake further testing unless we ask you to. You will need to do this for each type of beer you make where you are unsure if it will meet the definition.

    As testing only covers some elements of the definition of beer, it is not possible to prove that a beverage meets the definition just by testing. You will need to keep recipe sheets and formulas, together with other ingredient specifications, as supporting evidence.

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