• Growing tobacco for personal or commercial use

    You must hold an excise licence to grow tobacco for personal or commercial use in Australia. It is illegal to do so without an excise licence.

    Licences to grow tobacco in Australia are rarely granted. There are no current licences for personal or commercial tobacco growing in Australia. However, if you apply for a licence, there are many factors we will need to consider in assessing your application. These factors include:

    • physical security of the premises
    • protection of the revenue
    • whether there is a market for the goods.

    There are strict rules and conditions that apply if you are granted a licence to grow tobacco. There are serious consequences if you do not comply with these rules and conditions.

    All tobacco grown (whether for personal or commercial use) and consumed in Australia is subject to excise duty.

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    • If you would still like to proceed with an application for a licence to grow tobacco, contact us.
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