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  • Excise spirits and other excisable beverages clearance data

    Spirits and other excisable beverages clearance data provides the excisable litres of alcohol, cleared for home consumption, and reported by excise clients (generally domestic manufacturers) on their excise returns.

    The spirits and other excisable beverages clearance data, listed by tariff subitem on a weekly basis, is available for download from It includes data for the current financial year and past financial years.

    This information is updated each month and may be useful to the alcohol industry, government agencies, universities and other interested parties.

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    About the detailed tables

    The data is broken down into one category for other excisable beverages not exceeding 10% by volume of alcohol, which generally includes ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages, and seven different spirit categories based on tariff subitems. The excise rates for spirits and other excisable beverages are indexed twice a year, in line with the consumer price index (CPI).

    The data in the current financial year may change slightly throughout the year as amendments are made. This data does not include Department of Home Affairs clearances of imported products.

    Note: Additional notes clarifying the data are provided within the detailed tables.

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