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  • Fuel tax credits calculation worksheet

    You can use the fuel tax credits calculation worksheet to help you calculate your fuel tax credits and claim them on your business activity statement (BAS).

    You can also use the Fuel tax credit calculator to help you work out your claim online. The calculator is quick and easy to use and will help you get your claim right.

    If you claim under $10,000 in fuel tax credits in a year there are simpler ways to record and calculate your claim.

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    How to work out your fuel tax credits

    There are three steps to calculate your fuel tax credits using our Worksheet.

    Download a printable version of Fuel tax credits calculation worksheet (NAT 15634, 372KB) in PDFThis link will download a file.

    Step 1: Work out your eligible quantities

    Work out how much fuel (liquid or gaseous) you acquired for each business activity.

    Step 2: Check which rate applies for the fuel

    Fuel tax credit rates change regularly. You need to check you are using the rate that applied when you acquired the fuel, including fuel used in heavy vehicles.

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    Step 3: Work out the amount of your fuel tax credits

    Multiply the eligible quantity of fuel by the relevant fuel tax credit rate (step 1 × step 2). You must divide the result by 100 to convert it into dollars. Claim the whole dollar amount on your BAS. Do not include cents.

    Example worksheet

    Example of a completed fuel tax credits calculation worksheet – BAS period 01/04/2021 to 30/06/2021

    Eligible fuel type

    Fuel acquired for eligible business use

    (litres or kilograms)

    (Step 1)

    Business fuel use

    Date fuel acquired

    Fuel tax credit rate when you acquired the fuel

    (cents per litre / kilogram)

    Use the rates

    (Step 2)

    Fuel tax credit amount ($)

    Amount must be converted to dollars.

    Step 3 = (Step 1 × Step 2) ÷ 100



    Construction equipment on site






    Heavy vehicles for travelling on public roads










    Once you have calculated the amount for each rate, add all the figures together to get a total for the tax period, then claim the whole dollar amount by writing it at label 7D on your BAS.

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