• Bunker fuel and commercial shipping

    About bunkers

    Ships' bunkers are generally described as:

    • oil carried as fuel on oil-burning ships
    • ships' fuel not listed on the manifest of cargo.

    Bunker fuel includes all types of petroleum products – for example, fuel oil, aviation fuel or diesel used by ships as fuel or to power auxiliary equipment, including helicopters.

    If you import or acquire bunkers used in commercial shipping operations, you may have obligations and entitlements to various duty and tax requirements, including:

    • customs duty
    • excise duty
    • GST and associated input tax credits
    • fuel tax credits
    • refunds of duty.

    You may need to pay duty and taxes or be able to claim any credit entitlements depending on:

    • the type of voyages undertaken in Australian waters
    • the residency (for tax purposes) of the shipping operator
    • agency arrangements on behalf of non-resident shipping operators.
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