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  • Operators with multiple joint ventures

    Single GST return

    Section 51-52 of the GST Act allows the operator of multiple joint ventures to elect to lodge one GST return in respect of all the joint ventures for which it is the operator.

    To make this election, the joint venture operator must notify the Commissioner of Taxation in the approved form. To withdraw the election, the joint venture operator must also notify the Commissioner in the approved form. However, the Commissioner may disallow the election if he or she is satisfied that the operator has a history of failing to comply with its obligations as a joint venture operator or in any other capacity under a taxation law. (Disallowance of the election is a reviewable decision under the Tax Administration Act 1953.)

    The net amount for the consolidated GST return will be calculated by aggregating the net amounts of each joint venture. Negative and positive net amounts of the individual joint ventures will be offset against each other to reach the aggregated net amount (whether positive or negative) for the consolidated return.

      Last modified: 01 Sep 2015QC 16450