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  • Issue no. 7 – Systems


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    Date Question Further information


    7.2 Will the ATO provide assistance to these entities to make sure that their systems comply with what is required by ATO? Will a testing facility be made available by the ATO?

    These issues have been withdrawn and placed in the archive.


    7.3 Is the ATO aware of when external software providers will be making their commercial products available (again to enable taxpayers to test and compare)?


    7.4 Small businesses and deferral scheme


    7.5 If a taxpayer is registered for the deferral GST scheme for importers


    7.1 Many larger taxpayers will be testing their systems in March/April to ensure that they are fully compliant with the BAS requirements. How far has the ATO progressed in finalising its own system requirements to enable taxpayers to electronically transmit information to the ATO?

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