Your activity statement is personalised to your business and is based on your GST registration details. It is important that you report on the form we send you. We will send it to you with sufficient time for you to complete it before you need to lodge it.

When you lodge your activity statement for a tax period that starts on or after 1 July 2012, it becomes a notice of assessment issued on the day you lodge.

Tax invoices

Generally, you must hold a valid tax invoice to claim back any GST you are entitled to on purchases you make that cost more than $82.50 (including GST).

Even if you hold a document that states it is a tax invoice, you cannot claim a GST credit if the purchase did not include GST in the price.

If you do not have a tax invoice, you must wait until you receive one from your supplier before you claim the GST credit, even if this is in a later reporting period.

In addition to purchases below $82.50, there are some circumstances where you are not required to hold a tax invoice. For example, you do not need a tax invoice for taxable importations, but you must have the relevant Customs documentation – usually referred to as the Customs Entry, Entry for Home Consumption or the Informal Clearance Document.

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Check if you need additional instructions

There are several less common transaction types that are not covered in these instructions. We have developed additional instructions that explain how to complete your activity statement if you make these less common transactions.

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