How to complete your activity statement

When completing your activity statement:

  • check your reporting period at the top of the GST section
  • leave labels blank if they don’t apply to you unless otherwise instructed (do not use N/A or nil)
  • round down to whole dollars (do not show cents)
  • don’t report negative figures or use symbols such as +, , /, $.

To ensure we can scan your activity statement correctly:

  • print clearly using a black pen
  • use BLOCK LETTERS and print one character in each box
  • don’t write any additional information on your activity statement – contact us by phone if your details have changed
  • if the words ‘Do not complete this option’ are printed across an option, you must use another option.

Sample: Front of a quarterly activity statement

Image showing the different sections on the front of a quarterly activity statement.

There are six steps to completing the activity statement:

Steps 1 to 4 relate to sections on the front of the activity statement; steps 5 and 6 to sections on the back.

If you are using the:

  • calculation worksheet method, complete all steps
  • accounts method, complete steps1, 3, 5 and 6.

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