• Glossary

    Government related entity

    • A 'government related entity' is:
    • a department of state of the Commonwealth
    • a department of the parliament established under the Parliamentary Service Act 1999
    • an executive agency, or statutory agency, within the meaning of the Public Service Act 1999
    • a department of state of a state or territory
    • an organisation, whether or not it is an entity, that

    i. is either established by the Commonwealth, a state or a territory (whether under a law or not) to carry on an enterprise or established for a public purpose by an Australian law and

    ii. can be separately identified by reference to the nature of the activities carried on through the organisation or the location of the organisation; whether or not the organisation is part of a department or branch described in the first four dot points above or of another organisation of the kind described in (i) or (ii)

    • a local governing body established by or under a state law or territory law.


    An 'appropriation' is a segregation of funds from the consolidated revenue fund, by a statute of the Commonwealth, a state or a territory, or by delegated legislation.

    Australian law

    An 'Australian law' means – a law of:

    • the Commonwealth
    • a state
    • a territory.
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