Terms we use

When we say:

  • sales, we mean the GST term supplies, including
    • the sale or a supply of goods or services
    • lease of premises
    • equipment hire
    • giving advice or information
    • exporting goods
  • purchases, we mean the GST term acquisitions, including goods and services, such as
    • trading stock entering into a lease
    • consumables
    • other things acquired in the course of your operations
  • GST credits, we mean the GST term input tax credits
  • payment (made or received) we mean the GST term consideration
  • officer, we mean an office holder - for example, a treasurer in an organisation which is a company
  • agent, we mean any person or entity that is authorised to incur expenses on behalf of the organisation
  • an expense is listed as non-deductible, we mean non-deductible expenses in External Link of A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 – for example, recreational club expenses and some entertainment expenses.
    Last modified: 07 Jun 2013QC 21235