• Helping taxpayers to comply

    We will provide support for taxpayers to ensure that they meet their tax obligations.

    Assistance for small business

    To help small businesses manage their tax affairs and ensure willing participation in the tax and superannuation systems, we have a range of support products and services available. Our Small Business Assistance Program provides a variety of practical and tailored support for small business, including short videos, seminars and webinars, and tailored assistance visits that deal with specific tax issues. The Small Business Assistance Program aims to help small business owners better understand their rights and responsibilities, and meet their obligations easily at minimal cost.

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    For more information about the assistance available to small businesses, refer to Small business support - overview.

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    GST video tips

    A series of videos provide simple, practical tips ranging from when to register for GST through to the real cost of evasion.

    Recently added:

    • When to register for GST
    • Don't get ripped off by tax cheats

    GST Tips:

    • Stay in control of your business
    • How to complete your business activity statement
    • Lodging your business activity statement on time
    • How to keep your records for GST

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    To view these tips, refer to GST video tips.

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    Integrity of business systems

    Businesses with ineffective systems have a higher risk of incorrectly reporting their GST liabilities. We have developed a fact sheet, GST and integrity of business system risks, which outlines common errors made by businesses and explains how ineffective business systems and processes can cause GST reporting errors.

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    For more information refer to GST and the integrity of your business systems (NAT 73557).

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    Tax and BAS agent services

    Registered agents can contact us for assistance with a range of issues, including help with:

    • online services
    • meeting your lodgment program
    • complex administrative issues
    • arranging a relationship manager visit.

    You can also use our issues management and case management facilities if you:

    • can't resolve issues through our normal channels or self-help options
    • want more support or to lodge a complaint.

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    For more information, refer to Tax agent services.

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    Telling us about a mistake or error

    If taxpayers review their records and find mistakes that increase their tax or reduce any credits they may have claimed, they should make a voluntary disclosure.

    A voluntary disclosure provides taxpayers with the opportunity to bring their tax affairs into order. It can also open the way to concessional treatment, both for the penalties that apply as a result of the unpaid tax or false or misleading statement, and any interest charges. Taxpayers will still have to pay the tax they owe. We will generally reduce penalty amounts. The amount of the reduction depends on when we are told.

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    For more information, refer to our guide Correct a mistake or dispute a decision:  Make a voluntary disclosure.

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