• Worked example

    Carlo owns a hot bread shop and has an old cash register that only records the total money received. Carlo's records show that for the current quarterly tax period, his:

    • total stock sales are $120,000
    • total stock purchases are $95,000.

    The business norms percentages for hot bread shops are 50% for GST-free sales and 75% for GST-free purchases.

    Using these percentages, Carlo works out that, for the quarter, his:

    • GST-free sales are $60,000 (50% x $120,000)
    • GST-free purchases are $71,250 (75% x $95,000).

    If Carlo wants to work out his GST-free sales and purchases for the whole year, he applies the same percentages to his annual figures, that is, if his:

    • total annual stock sales are $520,000, his GST-free sales would be $260,000 (50% x $520,000),
    • total annual stock purchases are $412,000, his GST-free purchases would be $309,000 (75% x $412,000).

    Carlo then chooses one of the following three options for calculating and reporting GST:

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