• Option 1: calculate GST and report quarterly (or monthly)

    If Carlo uses option 1, he must report and pay (or claim) his actual GST amounts each quarter.

    Carlo uses the calculation worksheet method to complete his activity statement. Using the information in his records for the quarter, he fills in his calculation worksheet as follows.

    GST Calculation worksheet for BAS

    Carlo copies the following information from his calculation worksheet to the GST section of his activity statement.

    Calculate GST and report quarterly (or monthly)

    Carlo would also fill in labels for any other obligations he has. These may include pay as you go (PAYG) instalments and PAYG withholding obligations. These amounts would also be recorded in the summary, and would result in a payment or refund.

    If Carlo only had GST obligations, he would complete the 'Payment or refund?' section as follows.

    Calculate GST and report quarterly (or monthly)

    After filling in his activity statement, Carlo lodges it and pays $3,295 by the due date. He does not lodge his calculation worksheet but keeps it with his records.

    Carlo repeats the above steps for each quarter.

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