• Taxi cents per kilometre rates

    Cents per kilometre earnings rate

    The cents per kilometre earnings rate is the average amount of income earned by a taxi for the total kilometres travelled by the taxi in a year.

    The rate includes goods and services tax (GST). It does not take expenses into account - only gross taxi takings per kilometre of distance travelled are measured.

    The rate has been developed in consultation with taxi industry participants.

    Taxi operators and drivers can use the cents per kilometre rate to:

    • compare their performance to the rest of the taxi industry
    • check that their tax records accurately reflect their income.

    Tax agents and accountants can use the cents per kilometre rate to assist them in preparing tax returns and business activity statements for their clients.

    We use the cents per kilometre rate in cases where taxi operators or drivers do not have proper records.

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    For more information on benchmarks for the taxi industry, refer to Taxi drivers and operators – issued 2015.

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    Current rate

    Financial year

    Published rate



    Historical rates

    Financial year

    Published rate

















    Record-keeping requirements

    You must keep proper records of all transactions, including:

    • total kilometres travelled (including travel without passengers)
    • number of shifts worked
    • total income (including cash, credit card and Cabcharge)
    • expenses (for example, petrol and car washes).

    Your records should include documents, such as invoices and receipts, to verify your income and expenses.

    You must keep these records for five years after they were prepared, obtained or the transaction was completed, whichever is later.

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    For more information on recording keeping, refer to:

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