• Widely-based settlement offer – Inbound tour operators (ITOs)

    We recently agreed to settle with eligible inbound tour operators (ITOs) that have treated margins as being subject to GST. An ITO is not obliged to take up the offer.

    The settlement offer

    If you are an eligible ITO and want to take up the offer:

    • we will pay 75% of the GST you overpaid on your margins (subject to the four-year time limit for claiming GST refunds)      
      • if you have an outstanding tax debt, the refund will be offset against this debt and only the balance (if any) will be paid to you
    • you must account for 75% of the income tax payable on your margin.

    Eligibility for settlement offer

    To be eligible, you must:

    • be up-to-date with your taxation lodgment obligations
    • have records that substantiate your GST refund claims (which you can provide to us if requested)
    • have acted as agent of your non-resident clients throughout the refund period  (we will accept your self-assessment that you are an agent, unless we consider the assessment is clearly wrong).

    Activity statements

    You should not self-amend your activity statements. Any amendment will be undertaken by us as part of the settlement process.

    Registering your interest

    To register your interest to claim a refund, you or your authorised representative can contact us at: ITXICB@ato.gov.au

    We intend to publish web content to help you correctly report your ITO supplies.

    The settlement offer will remain open until 30 June 2017.

      Last modified: 31 Jan 2017QC 47692