Distribution statement requirements for simplified imputation and Trans-Tasman imputation

Key points

If you are an Australian corporate tax entity or a New Zealand franking company that make a frankable distribution, you must provide the recipient with a distribution statement.

We accept that a distribution statement is in the approved form if it provides the information detailed in this fact sheet. There are separate requirements for Australian corporate tax entities and New Zealand franking companies.

We generally require corporate tax entities to provide a distribution statement on or before the day the distribution is made.

Private companies may have up to four months after the end of the income year, or longer if allowed by the Commissioner, within which to provide a distribution statement. This extended period of time does not apply if the franking credits allocated to the distribution would create or increase the company's liability to franking deficit tax.

If you have a request for a substantial variation to the distribution statement requirements, including if you can't state the franking percentage, direct your request to the Commissioner of Taxation for approval.

If you are a listed investment company (LIC) and all or some part of your dividend is attributable to a LIC capital gain then you must include some additional information in the distribution statements that you provide to your members.

Further Information

These requirements are based on:

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