New Zealand franking companies

If you are a New Zealand franking company, your distribution statement will be taken to be in the approved form, for the purposes of section 202-80 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997, if it states the following information:

  • the name of the entity making the distribution
  • the date on which the distribution was made
  • the amount of the distribution
  • the amount of franking credit allocated to the distribution
  • the franking percentage for the distribution
  • the amount of any withholding tax that has been deducted from the distribution
  • the name and address of the shareholder the distribution is made to
  • the amount, if any, deducted by way of New Zealand non-resident withholding tax
  • the currency in which all amounts are expressed
  • the exchange rate on the day the decision to pay the distribution was made
  • the amount of any New Zealand supplementary dividend paid as a result of the dividend, if any.
    Last modified: 19 Oct 2012QC 16679