• Calculating your deduction

    Before you can claim motor vehicle expenses, you need to select a method to calculate your claim so you know which records you need to keep.

    Use our Work-related car expenses calculator to make the best claim for you. This calculator works out your eligibility and calculates your claim under each method so you can choose the one that gives you the largest deduction.

    When choosing a claim method, you:

    • can choose the one that gives you the best result if you satisfy the method’s requirements
    • can use different methods for different vehicles
    • can change methods from year to year
    • must keep appropriate records.

    You cannot claim the cost of travelling between your home and your place of business, except in certain limited situations. However, if your home is your place of business, you can generally claim the cost of trips you make between your home and other places, if you made the trip for business purposes.

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