• Claiming tax losses from previous years

    If your business made tax losses in previous years, you can carry forward those losses and claim a deduction for those losses in a later year. If you are a sole trader or individual partner in a partnership, you may also be able to offset the business losses carried forward against other income under the non-commercial business loss rules.

    How to claim losses

    • If you have tax losses from several previous years, you must claim the entire loss you incurred from the earliest year before you can claim all or part of a tax loss from a later year.
    • You can use your tax losses from earlier income years to reduce your Australian income to zero only.
    • If your tax losses from earlier income years are more than your Australian income, you must keep a record of the tax losses to claim the extra tax loss amount in a later year.
    • You can carry forward most tax losses indefinitely.

    Your business structure

    Companies can generally choose the year in which they claim a deduction for a carried forward tax loss.

    However, if you operate as a sole trader, partnership or trust, you cannot choose the year or years in which you claim a deduction for your prior-year tax losses. Rather, your tax losses are simply carried forward from year to year and applied until they are exhausted.


    If you operate your business as a trust and you incur a tax loss, you cannot distribute the loss to the trust’s beneficiaries.

    There are special rules that restrict when you can claim a deduction for a tax loss as a trust. We recommend that you seek further advice if you wish to claim this deduction.

    End of danger

    If you operate your business as a company, you cannot distribute any loss to your shareholders. The company must carry the tax loss forward and offset it against assessable income in a later year.

    As a company, you cannot deduct a tax loss unless either of the following applies:

    • It has the same owners and the same control throughout the period from the start of the loss year to the end of the income year.
    • It carried on the same business throughout a specified period.

    As a company, under certain conditions you may be able to:

    • choose the amount of a previous year’s tax loss you want to claim
    • carry forward to a later year a tax loss you would have incurred in a particular year had you not received income from franked dividends.

    Unclaimed foreign losses

    Special deduction rules apply to unclaimed foreign losses relating to the income years 1998–99 through to 2007–08.

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