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  • Edited versions now available in the ATO Legal database

    In response to community feedback that they were difficult to search for, Edited versions (EVs) are now available in the ATO Legal database.

    Previously, EVs were only available on the Register of private binding rulings and will continue to be available through the Register for a limited time to ensure continuity for taxpayers.

    EVs are private rulings which:

    • we make available publicly once confidential information (such as names of persons or entities concerned) is removed
    • ensure transparency of our decision making
    • assist you in deciding whether to lodge a private ruling request, and what to include in your application.

    Making EVs available in the Legal database allows for:

    • an improved client experience through a superior search engine
    • availability alongside other advice and guidance products, such as tax determinations and rulings

    To improve your experience by ensuring search results are useful and relevant, we have:

    • archived EVs more than four years old (these are still available through a search of archived content)
    • removed EVs more than ten years old.

    The Register of private binding rulings was decommissioned at the end of June 2018.

    We want your feedback

    Consultation on the relocation and archiving and removal of aged EVs is open until 28 February 2018.

    You can provide your feedback by visiting our Public advice and guidance communityExternal Link on Let's Talk. Telling us your reasoning behind your views will help us improve our services.

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