• GST and business to business cross-border changes – Law Companion Guideline

    If you are a non-resident supplier, you may be impacted by the proposed amendments to the GST treatment of cross-border transactions between businesses. Generally, the changes will reduce the situations where a non-resident supplier is drawn into the GST system for business-to-business cross-border supplies.

    To help you understand those impacts, this Law Companion Guideline explains an important aspect of the proposed changes. That is, the operation of the new test for when an entity will be carrying on an enterprise in Australia.

    The guideline is released in draft for consultation. It provides information which will help you when considering the Australian GST implications of supplies made through your enterprise. Specifically, the guideline discusses:

    • a proposed new test in the GST Act for when an entity is carrying on an enterprise in Australia
    • the specific issues in applying this test to non-resident entities and
    • some of the consequences of satisfying this test, for example, when you will need to register for GST

    If you think you may need to register for GST after considering the new law together with this draft Guideline you can contact us at AustraliaGST@ato.gov.au

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