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  • Reminder – Water register stocktake period closes 30 November

    Are you a foreign person with an investment in Australian water? You may need to register your interests with us on the Register of Foreign Ownership (Water Register).

    The stocktake period for the register closes 30 November 2017. Water entitlements that need to be registered by the closing date include registrable water entitlements and contractual water rights.

    Following the stocktake period, all new investments in Australian water must be reported no later than 30 days after the end of the financial year in which the event occurred. Similarly, if your circumstances change throughout the year, you must notify us of .these changes. Penalties may apply for failure to report.

    The register will be used by us to report on foreign ownership of water entitlements in the future.

    You can register your interest in Australian water via our website.

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