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  • Largest corporations

    Australia’s largest corporate entities tend to operate in segments of the economy characterised by a high degree of capital intensity and economies of scale. There are only 65 entities in the Corporate tax transparency (CTT) population with income of $5 billion or more. These corporates represent only 2.7% of population but pay the majority of income tax 57% or $32.6 billion (see Figure 5 below). The majority of these large corporations are Australian public companies and most are covered by our Top 100 program.

    Figure 5: Largest corporate entities in $5b and greater income segment

    In 2019–20, the largest corporate entities in the $5 billion and greater income segment represent only 2.7% of the population, but reported the majority of income tax payable with $32.6 billion, or 57.0% of the total.

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