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  • Tax payable – by ownership segment

    Australian public entities contributed the most tax paid at 62.8%, foreign entities followed at 28.9% and private entities contributed the remaining 8.3%.

    Within the corporate transparency population, private entities contributed the most to the growth in tax payable in 2019–20 ($1.06 billion). This was primarily driven by a small number of private entities that experienced significant profits, rather than being reflective of the private population more broadly. Australian public entities also contributed $119 million in growth, whilst foreign entities had a small decline in tax paid of $12 million. These figures are presented in Figure 8 below.

    Figure 8: Change in tax payable, by ownership segment

    Total tax payable by corporate entities in 2019–20 was $57,245 million, compared with $56,082 million in 2018–19. Tax payable increased in 2019-20 by $1,056 million for Australian private entities and $119 million for Australian public entities, but decreased by $12 million for foreign-owned entities.

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