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  • Nil tax payable – by ownership segment

    The proportion of entities with nil tax payable has decreased over the production of this report down from 36% in 2013–14 to 33% in 2019–20. However, there was an increase in 2019–20, which was not unexpected due to the effects of COVID-19 related lock-downs on GDP growth and economic activity.

    There was a significant increase in the proportion of public companies which paid nil tax in 2019–20 (see Figure 17). This was associated with service industries, transport and financial asset investing; which were affected by COVID-19.

    The ownership cohorts are not directly comparable, as smaller Australian private entities with total income less than $200 million are not represented in the data (see Interpreting the results).

    Figure 17: Proportion of entities with nil tax payable, by ownership segment, over 3 years

    This graph shows the proportion of entities with nil tax payable over three years by ownership segment (private, foreign-owned and Australian public). The percentages have remained broadly stable, with the exception of Australian public entities which showed a significant increase in 2019-20.

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