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  • Total petroleum resource rent tax payable

    There are 12 entities in the 2019–20 PRRT transparency population, with total PRRT payable of $881.2 million. The number of entities paying PRRT increased from 11 in the previous year, and PRRT payable decreased from $1.06 billion.

    The decrease in PRRT payable reflects the decreased profitability of PRRT-liable companies in 2019–20; oil prices were a key driver (see World Bank commodity prices dataExternal Link). Figure 19 shows the trend in PRRT payable over the past five years.

    Figure 19: Number of PRRT entities and PRRT payable over five years

     This graph shows the number of petroleum resource rent tax (PRRT) entities and the amount of PRRT payable from 2015-16 to 2019-20. Since 2017-18 the number of PRRT entities has increased slightly to 12 entities in 2019-20. Over this time, PRRT payable has decreased slightly to $881.2 million in 2019-20.

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