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  • Population overview

    There are 2,370 corporate entities in the 2019–20 corporate transparency population, with tax payable of $57.2 billion. Compared to 2018–19, this represents a net increase of 59 entities (2.6%) and an increase in tax payable of approximately $1.1 billion (2.0%).

    See Figure 1 for a comparison of population growth over five years. The growth has been relatively consistent over the last five years but has slowed in 2019–20 due to a challenging economy. The growth is caused by more corporations exceeding the reporting income thresholds each year.

    Figure 1: Corporate tax transparency population, growth over five years

    This column graph shows the five-year growth in the transparency population to 2019-20. Growth has been relatively consistent over the last five years, from 2,041 entities in 2015-16 to 2,370 entities in 2019-20.

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