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  • Exits from the population

    The 2019–20 population includes 2,039 entities that were reported in the 2018–19 population, and 331 that were not.

    In 2019–20, 272 entities from the 2018–19 corporate transparency population were no longer in scope – comprising 62 Australian public entities, 138 foreign-owned entities and 72 Australian private entities.

    We analyse these exits from the transparency population to ensure that they are for legitimate reasons and the tax information reported by these entities is correct.

    Entities may exit the population because they:

    • restructured and/or joined a tax consolidated group during the year
    • reported income below the transparency thresholds
    • had not yet lodged or had lodged a company tax return that was not processed by the cut-off date for the report (1 September 2021) – these entities may appear in a later year report (following lodgment)
    • were not required to lodge a company tax return due to deregistration.

    See Figure 4 for the reasons for entities exiting the population in 2019–20.

    The number of entities that exited the transparency population in 2019–20 due to a drop in income is consistent with a normal level of 'churn' in the population over recent years, including years prior to the first corporate tax transparency report.

    Figure 4: Exits from the corporate transparency population – entire population

    66 joined a consolidated group, 24 had not yet lodged, lodged late or were not yet processed and 7 were not required to lodge.

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