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  • Income segment

    The largest corporate entities in the corporate transparency population contribute to a significant proportion of overall tax payable. This trend has remained relatively stable over the past six years.

    Corporate entities with income of more than $5 billion represent around 2.5% of the corporate transparency population and account for around 55% of tax payable (around $30.9 billion) (see Figure 16). There is a greater representation of Australian public entities in this cohort compared to the total corporate transparency population.

    Corporate entities with income between $250 million and $5 billion represent the largest portion (almost 56%) of the corporate transparency population by count, and also account for 40% (around $22.5 billion) of the tax payable.

    Figure 16: Corporate entities by income segment, 2018–19

    Entities in the population are grouped into three income range segments. This figure shows the number of entities with taxable income greater than zero, tax payable greater than zero, and the total tax payable in dollar terms. In 2018–19, a small number of entities – representing about 2.5% of the population – were in the $5 billion or more income segment, and reported $30.9 billion of tax payable, or 55% of the total. The majority of corporate entities fell into the $0.25 billion to $4.99 billion income segment, and these entities reported tax payable of $22.5 billion, or 40% of the total. The remainder of the population fell within the lower income segment (of between $0.1 billion and $0.249 billion) but reported a relatively small amount of tax payable.
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