• Invoices and other documents

    Do documents quoting an ABN have to be on paper?

    The documents may be electronic but must be able to be related to the supply.

    If I order supplies from catalogues or other promotional material, is quoting an ABN from the promotional document acceptable?

    Promotional documents quoting an ABN and relating to the supply are acceptable. You must keep a copy of the promotional document. If you receive an invoice that has the supplier's ABN, you do not have to keep a copy of the promotional document.

    I use regular suppliers – do I have to make sure that every invoice I receive from them has an ABN?

    Regular suppliers can give you a periodic quotation of their ABN that covers all the supplies they make to your business for a specified period, such as a financial year.

    You must keep records that can verify the supplier, the supplier's ABN and the payments made in relation to the supplies.

    At least once a year, you should check that the ABN quotation is correct and up to date.

    If I have a two-year lease agreement, is it sufficient for the lessor's ABN to be quoted on the lease agreement?

    You do not need to withhold from lease payments if the lease agreement document states the lessor's ABN.

      Last modified: 15 Feb 2016QC 16444