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Good practice application of historical exploration expenditure methods

Various valuation methods exist which make reference to historical exploration expenditure. One such method is based on a 'multiple of historical exploration expenditure'. Successful application of this method relies on the valuer assessing the extent to which past exploration expenditure is likely to lead to a target resource being discovered, as well as determining the appropriate multiple to apply to such expenditure.

Another such method is the 'appraised value method'. When adopting this approach, the valuer should only account for meaningful past exploration expenditure plus warranted future expenditures. Warranted future expenditures reflect a reasonable and justifiable exploration budget to test the identified potential of the target.

When historical expenditure approaches are adopted, the ATO considers it to be good practice for valuers to provide full transparency in relation to all historical exploration expenditure on the subject property, details of those expenditures selected for use in the method (including details in relation to warranted future expenditures), and justification for any multiples applied.

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