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  • Private group approach

    We identify a private group as a group of entities under the control of an individual and their associates. By control, we mean effective control where an individual has the primary decision-making role for the group.

    Our private group approach links all entities related to a controlling individual. Subject to privacy restrictions, we generally engage with the head of the group rather than separate group entities when conducting our enquiries.

    This approach allows us to better understand the choices and behaviours of the controlling mind behind a private group structure.

    Generally private groups have limited disclosure and less publically available information. By engaging early with each other, we can build transparency and prevent mistakes.

    Using sophisticated data mining techniques, we are able to detect relationships in private groups between the controlling individual and associated entities, including companies, trusts and partnerships. As a result, we can effectively risk-assess compliance behaviours at a holistic, group level.

    We will continue to use our data in smarter ways to maintain a real time view of taxpayers. This enables us to tailor our engagement in a way that makes it easy to get things right and hard not to.

    Example of a private group

    This diagram depicts the structure of a hypothetical private group consisting of multiple entities, such as companies, partnerships and trusts, ultimately under the control of an individual and their associates. Some group assets are owned directly by the controlling head and some indirectly through the entities in the group.

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