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  • Lodging your report

    Your first Taxable payments annual report is due by 28 August 2018, for the year ending 30 June 2018.

    You must lodge your Taxable payments annual report online using the Business, Tax Agent or BAS Agent Portals. We can only accept reports that meet our specificationsExternal Link.

    Lodging online is quick and secure. It also ensures you complete the report correctly (using inbuilt checks) and provides an online confirmation once lodged.

    To lodge online you will need:

    • an Australian business number (ABN)
    • an AUSkey – to protect your security and privacy when dealing with us online
    • business software that meets our requirements.

    To lodge using our portals, you need to create an electronic annual report data file using business software that meets our specifications. You then login to the portals and lodge the annual report via the file transfer function.

    If you already lodge a Taxable payments annual report for payments made for building and construction services, you can, from the year ended 30 June 2018, report all payments in the one annual report.

    There's no need to update your software unless you pay grants. If you also pay grants, contact your software provider as they can provide further advice about updating your software.

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    How to lodge a Taxable payments annual report using the ATO portals


    Correcting a lodged report

    After lodging your annual report, you may find some information you've reported is incorrect.

    You have 28 days from when you become aware of the error to submit an amended (corrected) report.

    The amended report should contain only those payee records that need to be corrected. It can also include new payee records that were not provided in the original report.

    You only need to submit a corrected report, where any amount fields have been reported incorrectly. ABN, name and address details for the affected business need to be reported exactly the same as in the original report, with the corrected amounts.

    You don't need to notify us of changes to information other than amount fields.

    You can generate an amended report using your software. Contact your software provider for further advice on how to generate an amended report.

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