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  • Worksheet and payee information statement

    A worksheet and payee information statement is available to help you when recording information for the Taxable payments annual report (TPAR).

    Worksheet for businesses

    The worksheet is designed to help businesses record details of payments you make to contractors for services, particularly if you keep manual records. You can use the details you've recorded in this worksheet to complete your TPAR. The worksheet is for your records only – don't send this to us.

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    Payee information statement

    There is no requirement to provide contractors with any details of the information you have reported to us on the TPAR. However, if you want to give them information that will help when completing their tax return, you can use the Payee information statement.

    The amounts reported on this statement are the total amounts that you have reported to us. The amounts are in whole dollars and don't include cents. The statement is for your records and your contractors' records only – don't send this to us.

    If you issue a new statement (to correct one that was previously given to a payee) write 'amendment' across the top of the new form.

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    • Businesses can download the Payee information statement (PDF 116KB)This link will download a file online and either      
      • fill in the form on screen, save it to your device and print the form, or
      • print the form and fill it in by hand.
    • Government entities and businesses can produce your own statements via your software – you should check with your software provider if this function is available in your particular software.

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