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    Getting help and advice

    You can ask AusIndustry (who act on behalf of Innovation Australia) for advice about whether your activities are eligible and you can seek advice from us about whether the expenditure you are claiming is eligible for the research and development tax incentive.

    Getting help

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    Contact us

    If you are a business and you would like more information about how to claim an R&D tax offset or whether you and the expenditure you are claiming for your R&D activities is eligible for a notional deduction, contact us on 13 28 66 between 8.00am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday. If you are a tax agent, call 13 72 86 and select the relevant fast key code.

    If you do not speak English well and want to talk to a tax officer, phone the Translating and Interpreting Service on 13 14 50 for help with your call.

    If you have a hearing or speech impediment and have access to appropriate TTY or modem equipment, phone 13 36 77.

    If you do not have access to TTY or modem equipment, phone the Speech to Speech Relay Service on 1300 555 727.

    Find out more

    For more information about eligible R&D activities and registering for the R&D tax incentive, contact AusIndustry:

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