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  • Continuing time periods for active asset test for involuntary disposals

    There are modified rules to determine if the active asset test is satisfied for CGT assets acquired or transferred under the rollover provisions relating to assets compulsorily acquired, lost or destroyed, or to marriage and relationship breakdown.

    If you acquired a replacement asset to satisfy the rollover requirements for the compulsory acquisition, loss or destruction of a CGT asset, the replacement asset is treated as if:

    • you acquired it when you acquired the original asset, and
    • it was an active asset at all times when the original asset was an active asset.

    If you have a CGT asset transferred to you because of a marriage or relationship breakdown, and the capital gain arising from that transfer was rolled over under the marriage or relationship breakdown rollover provisions, for purposes of the active asset test you can choose whether to:

    • include the ownership and active asset periods of your former spouse, or
    • commence the ownership and active asset periods from the time the asset was transferred to you.

    If you choose to include your former spouse's ownership and active asset periods of the CGT asset, that asset is treated as if it had been:

    • acquired by you when your former spouse acquired the asset, and
    • was an active asset of yours at all times when the asset was an active asset of your former spouse.

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    Last modified: 17 Jul 2017QC 52279